Client Accolades:

“Your candidate was perfect — You saved my trial!” - JC, Managing Partner, Denver Law Firm

“The way you present your candidates is unique – they are so well presented. I knew more about the people we interviewed than with any other agency I have ever worked with. I wish you served more than just the legal field as I would love to use you in other skills.” - VP Major Corporation

“You shouldn’t even call yourself a recruiting firm – the level of insight, knowledge and coaching you provide is so fundamentally superior to the industry as people perceive it.” - Partner, Denver Law Firm

“They spent a great deal of time getting to know our firm. Consequently, the candidates they introduced were surprisingly well-suited to our work environment and the personalities of our attorneys and staff members. They did a great job.” - JW, Hiring Partner, Denver Law Firm

“I deal with head hunters all the time and nobody does what you do. Your firm is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of your integrity, quality of service and follow-up!” - TB, Esq., Denver Law Firm

“Thank you for doing exactly what you said you would do!” - Managing Partner, Denver Law Firm

“I would say that you have shown great flexibility in tailoring your searches to our needs, and that you are refreshingly honest in letting me know when you can’t do something.” - Managing Partner, Denver Law Firm

“I found interfacing with the Advocates to be a uniquely interactive experience. They don’t take the shotgun approach – sending lots of candidates in the hope that one hits the mark. Rather, they really took the time to learn our business and understand our needs. Ultimately, the Advocates sent us 2 candidates, both of whom were well qualified for the position, who were well briefed on our company and what we expected from them. We will gladly use them again.” - DM, Assistant General Counsel/Director, Regulatory Affairs/Denver Law Firm

“You sell yourself short — I have worked with top recruiters in NY and San Francisco and your knowledge, professionalism and service are without equal.” - Litigation Partner, Head of group

Candidate Accolades:

“The thing that sets The Advocates apart from other legal placement agencies is the in depth process they use to find the right candidate for the right position. Unlike other agencies I’ve encountered, which operate akin to a “puppy mill” in the legal industry, The Advocates looks at more than the versions of software you’ve used in the past. They hone in on your inherent strengths and weaknesses, the very core of your personality, with the understanding that anyone can learn how to complete a task or use a computer program, but drive and motivation in your career are not something so easily learned.” - AB, Paralegal

“Your kindness was greatly appreciated. In today’s busy life, it’s hard to be kind, but you really made my day.” - Paralegal Placement

“I was so impressed with your full interview and felt it was a great way to get to know more about me personally and professionally without using those tired old questions that have become all too familiar.” - Support Staff Candidate

“I wanted to thank you for all your time and energy you invested in procuring the legal position I’ve always aspired for. Your efforts transcended any and all expectations I possessed prior to contacting you. You took the time to understand my needs and goals and utilized that understanding to find the optimal setting for me.

Despite the extreme efforts you expended in locating my dream job, I am most grateful for your assistance after my employment began. You constantly guided me through the transitional phase and helped me to adjust to the new position. Your counseling and eagerness to lend an ear integrally facilitated the acclimation process.

My gratitude is profound. Thank you Advocates for your extreme efforts and diligence in getting me the associate position I’ve always strived for.” - SC, Esq.

“I think that the best way to refer to The Advocates is as a true “value-added” service provider in the legal placement business. I have worked with a number of competitors in the past twenty years. In virtually all of the cases, their involvement began and ended with putting me in contact with another law firm. With The Advocates, that was only the beginning of the services.

The Advocates truly lived up to their title, taking a very active role in the process, including having face-to-face meetings with the members of the prospective law firms, staging mock interviews with me, and negotiating my compensation package. The insights, assistance, and advice that I received from The Advocates was invaluable assistance in helping me to achieve my goals.”  - KM, Partner