Contract Work = Flexibility

Want more flexibility, to gain new experiences and learn new skills?  With Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions, you choose how you want to work and what types of positions will enhance your career and your skills. We work with you to find that position. Not only do we work with you, but we get to know you. Our unique Chronological Behavior-based Interview (CBI) allows us to get to know your talents and your goals in order to find the right environment for you to thrive.

If you want flexibility but want to add to your skills, we promise four important things to our legal professionals:

  1. Steady work due to our unique structure where everyone markets the talent they represent.
  2. Flexibility and life balance – we tailor the work to the employee.
  3. Top pay and full benefits, including medical insurance, a Simple IRA with a company match and paid time off.
  4. Opportunity to improve your skills & knowledge in your specialty or to add to your specialties through a variety of work assignments.

You practice law, or work in your area of expertise – let us represent you and your talents in a targeted fashion in the legal marketplace.


TLSS provides you with access to more opportunities. Every year, 30%+ of our placements are into positions not posted anywhere.


“Your kindness was greatly appreciated. In today’s busy life, it’s hard to be kind, but you really made my day.” - Paralegal Placement

“I was so impressed with your full interview and felt it was a great way to get to know more about me personally and professionally without using those tired old questions that have become all too familiar.” Support Staff Candidate

“I wanted to thank you for all your time and energy you invested in procuring the legal position I’ve always aspired for. Your efforts transcended any and all expectations I possessed prior to contacting you. You took the time to understand my needs and goals and utilized that understanding to find the optimal setting for me.

Despite the extreme efforts you expended in locating my dream job, I am most grateful for your assistance after my employment began. You constantly guided me through the transitional phase and helped me to adjust to the new position. Your counseling and eagerness to lend an ear integrally facilitated the acclimation process.

My gratitude is profound. Thank you Advocates for your extreme efforts and diligence in getting me the associate position I’ve always strived for.” SC, Esq.