Our Results

Temporary and Temporary to Hire Results

  1. Increased productivity/reduced costs:
    a.    You eliminate costs associated with recruiting, screening, and employing full-           time staff.
    b.    Variable costs that match your variable workload mean increased flexibility as you pay only for the hours you need, when you need them.
    c.     Decrease costs while increasing control and visibility for routine or seasonal work, such as document review, uncomplicated securities filings and real estate transactions, contract drafting and review, EEOC compliance, etc.
    d.    You can increase billable hours through work you did not formerly have the resources to process ­ adding billable hours at a profitable rate.
  2. No risk/no hassle:
    a.    We take care of all administrative work, paying the employee(s), their taxes,     benefits, etc. You just manage the day-to-day work as it relates to your business.
    b.    Flexible Billing allows us to bill back to the project, to different departments, etc. We can provide you with invoicing in almost any paper or electronic format, including web-enabled billing.
    c.     Feedback is provided through targeted performance metrics, based on a thorough understanding of your business, reported back to you regularly. We utilize these metrics to continuously improve our service to you.

Direct Hire Results

a.    Access to candidates unavailable through other means: We provide access to passive candidates who don’t respond to ads and are generally happy with their current position by understanding their goals and yours.

b.    Improved productivity: We help clients improve productivity and save money through reduced turnover over the long term. Our candidates have a much lower rate of attrition due to our extensive screening.

c.     Time and money savings: We save you time and money in the interview process by providing only true finalists for your open positions and fill your open position ten weeks faster, on average, than when you fill it yourself. Call for a cost benefit analysis.

d.    Guaranteed: We back all of our processes by offering our clients the strongest Direct Hire and Temporary staff guarantees in the industry.

Clients Speak

“Your candidate was perfect — You saved my trial!” - JC, Managing Partner, Denver Law Firm

“The way you present your candidates is unique – they are so well presented. I knew more about the people we interviewed than with any other agency I have ever worked with. I wish you served more than just the legal field as I would love to use you in other skills.” - VP Major Corporation

“They spent a great deal of time getting to know our firm. Consequently, the candidates they introduced were surprisingly well-suited to our work environment and the personalities of our attorneys and staff members. They did a great job.” - JW, Hiring Partner, Denver Law Firm

“I found interfacing with the Advocates to be a uniquely interactive experience. They don’t take the shotgun approach – sending lots of candidates in the hope that one hits the mark. Rather, they really took the time to learn our business and understand our needs. Ultimately, the Advocates sent us 2 candidates, both of whom were well qualified for the position, who were well briefed on our company and what we expected from them. We will gladly use them again.” - DM, Assistant General Counsel/Director, Regulatory Affairs/Denver Law Firm