Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions' difference lies in the results we drive for our clients and candidates.

We provide our clients better and faster access to the right candidates, with culture driven matches, leading to better retention with time and cost savings – all backed by industry leading guarantees. We provide our candidates with better career opportunities that fit their needs and goals.

Our process allows us to develop a deeper understanding of both our clients and candidates, enabling us to present our clients with the right candidate and present our candidates with the right opportunity – the first time.


46% of new hires fail within 18 months and must be let go.
89% of these are for attitudinal reasons. – Leadership IQ

New hires through Targeted Legal Staffing fare better:
About 90% are still there after 24 months.

Our Process consists of four major steps:

1. Client Meeting(s)

We meet with our clients in order to take them through our proven, in-depth discovery process which helps us understand their:

  • Organizational goals, strengths and challenges;
  • Environment – both the current culture as well as the culture they are building; and
  • Behaviors, traits and skills of current and past top performers.

2. Candidate Discovery

We constantly source candidates for our clients and have a tremendous database of prospective candidates. By working with candidates year-round and by spending the time to truly understand their career needs, we develop long lasting relationships enabling us to source appropriate candidates and referrals when an opportunity arises. Furthermore, we employ a unique candidate sourcing model including:

  • Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions Community: This is a referral network of tens of thousands of legal professionals that we have screened over the years. We stay in touch with this database of highly talented people and make them aware of opportunities that may be a fit for them. We also work with them to identify other people who may be a fit. This gives you potentially thousands of recruiters for your open position.
  • Direct Sourcing of Candidates:
  1. Our dedicated Researcher will identify every potential candidate in a given market who meets your position requirements.
  2. Next, our Search Consultants direct source candidates through various means of contact until every person has been contacted.
  3. We only run ads for existing client positions/opportunities and areas of need.

3. In Depth Screening

We continuously screen legal professionals to identify top prospects.  When performing a search assignment, we perform the following steps – at each phase candidates may be eliminated from consideration:

  • An intensive initial phone interview or meeting to identify potential candidates;
  • Our unique Chronological Behavior-based Interview (CBI) to determine skills and track record of proven traits;
  • Thorough reference checks on every applicant prior to submission to client. 

These steps ensure a better match as they enable us to develop a comprehensive profile of the open position and of the successful candidate.

4. The Match

You will never have to interview more than three people for an open position.

Targeted Legal Staffing Solutions will present you with up to three finalist candidates for your position. Our presentation materials include a cover letter helping you understand each candidate’s background, career goals and traits that match your culture.

We guarantee that you will hire one of our finalists and guarantee that hire for one year*  Read more >